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Timber Procurement

The procurement staff of KyKenKee, Inc. has a combined 65 years of experience, including Registered Foresters and Certified Professional Logging Managers (PLM). We are committed to maintaining relationships with our suppliers and clients.


The KyKenKee procurement staff is available to assist you with all of your timber harvest and sivilcultural needs. The Timber harvestings we perform are final harvests, plantation thinnings, natural timber thinnings, and real estate harvests. We can also advise you on your reforestations and habitat enhancements.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative

KyKenKee, Inc. is committed to the preservation of the environment, renewable resources, wildlife habitat, and water quality. We have joined the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and are currently certified. This will help us to insure sustainable forests in our procurement area.

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